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There is no time like the present!

It started off as an idea towards the end of 2009 and grew to become something of an urge during January of 2010. In spite of myself and my tendency to procrastinate, I acted upon the urge and registered the domain keepitsql.com!  The name itself took me a while to come up with and it occurred to me while on my daily drive to work. “Keep it Sequel” I thought as in keep it secret. I quite liked that so I stuck with it.

Try this to get my drift:

          select soundex('keepitsql'), soundex('keepitsequel'), soundex('keepitsecret')

I have been dealing with Microsoft SQL since version 6.5 back in 1998. Back then, though, my only real experience was opening some colourful scripts and pushing F5 in order to roll out an ERP system. I actually had no idea what I was doing, but knew to do so, because that’s what the installation manual, of the software I was rolling out, instructed me to do. I quickly went on to SQL 7.0 and was really happy when SQL2000 finally came out. This was the first version of Microsoft SQL Server in which I started to write T-SQL and actually understand what I was doing (well vaguely at least) and what the results of my actions were.

Things have come a long way since then and I have gradually taken over the role of “part time” DBA at the company I currently work for, although the only knowledge of SQL I have, is knowledge that I have learned the hard way. I would describe my skills as intermediate at best, even though my boss likes to describe me as a “SQL expert”.

In this time, I have become a great fan of Microsoft and greatly value the progress they have made with their products over the last 10 years or so – just think of the quantum leap between SQL 6.5 and SQL 2008. This is not to say that they or their products are perfect and countless online forums bare witness to this.  SQL Server is a fantastic RDBMS and I have come to value it tremendously, but, at the time of writing this page, there are still too many facets and concepts that I either have never dealt with or don’t yet fully understand – and would like to. That is why I decided to start this blog; as a platform to publish some of the solutions I have come up with and try and give a little back to a fantastic online community, which has helped me out of the deep-end on numerous occasions. My primary focus is likely to be MSSQL and many of its facets, but will not only be limited to that. Just recently I upgraded our company’s Team Foundation Server from TFS 2005 to TFS2008 and the experiences I had for the duration of the upgrade were pretty hair raising, so TFS, Visual Studio and many of their components are, no doubt, going to be featured in a couple of future posts.

Like I said: My skills are intermediate, so anybody that happens to stumble upon my blog is welcome to point me in the right direction by means of constructive criticism or code correction or any other way that they deem to be fitting.

So here we go: Let’s Keep It Sequel!

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